CLASS 2017 – 18

Adam Neal
Previously I have worked on a crowdfunded feature-length film as well as many zero budget projects for YouTube and technical work in theatre. Presently, I am a Production Assistant Apprentice for Unscripted at the BBC and am eager to learn as much as possible to achieve future goals. From the experience I gain I am determined to work towards becoming an Assistant Director for television and ultimately film.

Alastair Gray
Since leaving school I have tried to gain an understanding of media production as a whole by filling various assistant roles on sets around the UK. I have come through these experiences with a passion for Editing. I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in to post production via an apprentice placement at the BBC.

Amelia Hawkins
I was working towards university under academic pressure, however, I have since learnt that path was not for me. From there, I knew that I wanted to get into the industry eventually- specifically in costume. This apprenticeship will provide me with a direct route whilst also gaining valuable experience. In the future, I hope that I continue to gain experience within TV and potentially further this by going into film.

Barry Roberts

I am a well organised and creative worker with exceptional communication skills at all levels, with previous technical and collaborative experience within the television production environment. I am currently an Art department apprentice with BBC Cymru Wales.


Claire Lamarra
I am an experienced short filmmaker, who has previously produced a short film for BBC The Social. Also, I am an alumnus of the NFTS BFI Academy. I am currently a BBC Production Runner Apprentice, working on projects such as ‘Casualty’. I am looking to climb the ladder within drama production. Ultimately, I’d love to produce a feature film.

Elizabeth Collins
I have experience as an Assistant Leatherworker, aiding with the tuition of students to design and create their leather product. I also have a Diploma in Fashion and Textiles.. I am a Costume Design apprentice at Sgil Cymru, working for the BBC on the sets of ‘Casualty’ and ‘Pobl y Cwm’. I am looking forward to learning everything I can during the next year, making new connections and broadening my network.

Emily Anderson
With a long-standing passion for film and television, I pushed to finish school early in order to move from America to the UK and kick-start a career in the media industry. I am currently an apprentice with Sgil Cymru and am working with the BBC in the post-production department on Casualty. My future aspirations are to make this a career for life and to hopefully move up as an assistant editor.

Holly Atkinson
I won ‘Best Teen Fashion Blogger’ (Under 18) in 2013 with Company Magazine. I have also worked with brands as a blogger promoting their products. I particularly enjoyed working for Disney promoting their ‘Maleficent’ film on their online site. I am currently a Digital and Marketing Apprentice at the BBC. I want to continue working within the TV industry and I am excited to see where the future will take me.

Holly Garrett
I have previously co-hosted Jason Mohammad’s show during a BBC scheme called, “School Report”. I’m currently working as a Radio Production Apprentice working with BBC Radio Wales. I hope to further a career with the BBC, whether that lies in Radio or not.


Isobelle Bryce
I previously worked in customer service as a sales supervisor. I am currently an apprentice with Sgil Cymru, working for ITV Cymru Wales as a Team Assistant, keen to learn the tricks of the trade. In the future I would like to travel for work and live in another country, I would also love to learn another language as it opens doors for many more opportunities.

Jennifer Stiling
A previous film, media and photography student and enthusiast having worked casually as a cinema assistant for over 2 years. I am currently growing my amateur video production and editing skills and looking to transfer them into professional working skills. I hope in the future to produce full production packages that satisfy customers media needs.

Kasey Evans
Before becoming an apprentice for the BBC I had the challenging, yet rewarding, opportunity to write the occasional piece of copy for my former employer’s website.  Currently, I am a Digital and Marketing apprentice for the BBC but I also love to learn and study languages and coding in my spare time. My future aspirations are to excel in my chosen field, to adore my job and to learn as much as I possibly can.

Lewis Stephens
I have previously worked as a Customer Service Advisor with no real experience in the Sports Industry, but it is something I have had a passion for. I am currently an apprentice at Sgil Cymru working as a Sports Apprentice for BBC Sport Wales. In the future, I hope to be working full time in the Sports Industry with a desire to be an integral part of the ever-expanding world of Sport in Wales.

Owen Deacon
I wanted to be a professional sports writer but did not want to attend university as a gateway into journalism. Currently, I am a journalist apprentice at ITV Wales through Sgil Cymru and hope to keep that job beyond this year. One day would love to write about Cardiff City and Wales football, either as a freelance journalist or as part of a corporation.

Steffan Allen
Over the years, I’ve always had interest in photography and videography, which lent me to purchasing a drone with which I’ve been taking ariel shots in recent years. At present, I am an apprentice with Sgil Cymru, working on the set of Casualty as a grip, or camera assistant. In the future, I wish to see myself working on big productions around the world, making new contacts, and developing my career as a grip.