CLASS 2016 – 17

Adam JenkinsAdam Jenkins

For the last three years I have been a season ticket holder at the Cardiff Blues, which is where I have spent most of my weekends as opposed to having a life, as well as doing a bit of writing about Rugby too. Now I have the opportunity to work with the BBC across a number of platforms and sports and further my interest and knowledge in that field. In the future I hope to be involved with sports media in some way, and my greatest ambition would be to follow various sporting events around the world.



Adam King

Adam King

In the past I went to college to study system support whilst at home, as a hobby would learn how to use video editing platforms. I am currently continuing with my passion in media whilst trying to learn Welsh, so that I can be more successful within S4C.I hope to pursue a career in broadcasting whilst continuing a role associated with computing.




Amy YeoAmy Yeo

In the past I have always focussed on academics as my priority. However, now, I am proactively working towards my ultimate ambition in life. Consequently, my ambition of being able to make a living out of being a writer seems far more realistic.





Angharad EvansAngharad Evans

I’ve always had an interest in sound, an interest that I am now ready to focus on. I hope that by doing so I will gain experience and contacts in the industry.






Ben ThomasBen Thomas

I played in the Friary brass band through to the highest level. I deferred University until I feel I am mature enough and able to afford it. I currently work as a grip and do what I love.






Brooklyn Lloyd-EvansBrooklyn Lloyd-Evans

Being involved with stage and activities in the creative industry was always the place I felt most confident. Now, I have an amazing apprenticeship with ITV. In the future, to have a job that I love and to wake up to every morning wanting to go back.





Caitlin Baker


Caitlin Baker

I have just done my AS levels in Sociology, Media Studies and Religious Studies. I am now following an apprenticeship in Archive at S4C, and I hope in the future to continue along the route of broadcasting in the future.




Charlie-Jane BarberCharlie – Jane Barber

I was always a quiet person with a dream I thought would be impossible to make. As for now, I’ve landed myself into an apprentice working with and towards the BBC. I hope to keep working for the TV and Film Industry in the future.





Daniel CooksleyDaniel Cooksley

I have always been in full-time employment since I was 16. I am now finally ready to take on an apprenticeship. I want to have a long and successful career in scenic construction.






Dominic FarquharDominic Farquhar

My past consists of being made a full-time carer at 7 and always dreamed of working for BBC, now I have been given that opportunity I will make the most of it and work hard. I am excited about my future and want to work full time for BBC.





Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith

Costume for the BBC.







Izaak Dew1Izaak Dew

I was working towards a STEM career when I realised my passion for online digital media. The opportunities that this apprenticeship will offer really excite me because I have had a passion for online digital media since I was young. I am hoping that these opportunities will lead me towards a constantly evolving and exciting career.




Laura ThorneLaura Thorne

A year ago I began voluntary work to gain hands-on experience within the media industry. I am now excited to begin my apprenticeship at the BBC as its an opportunity I have always wanted. My future ambition is to be a producer at the BBC whilst also having my own charity to help others.





Matthew CollinsMatthew Collins

After Getting my BTEC in Interactive Media, I began my Degree in Film and Video. During the first year of my degree I dropped out because I was disenfranchised with the way young people are lured into the ‘Uni’ lifestyle and loaded with debt. I have also started my own business creating jewellery. I spend my days walking my field lab, playing my piano, learning the harmonica and living a simple and relaxed life.I hope to be an experienced and respectful individual and I hope to always be growing as a person. If I ever stop growing or learning I’ll know I’m doing something wrong.


Nadine OwenNadine Owen

Studying Media studies and ICT for four years at GCSE and A-Level made me realise I wanted to work in the media; university did not appeal to me.I am currently doing an apprenticeship, which is an exciting, challenging new path, which will hopefully lead me into a career within production. In the future, I hope the course will help me work towards my career; also I would love to do some travelling.




Rowan Smith

Rowan Smith

I had a job working with labradoodle dogs and puppies and despite loving it, knew it wasn’t what I wanted a career in. I studied textiles in school and college for 5 years and thoroughly enjoyed it but didn’t think university was for me. When a costume apprenticeship opportunity came up I knew I had to give it a shot. I’ve got an amazing opportunity, working for the BBC in Costume as an apprentice. I hope this apprenticeship will open doors and allow me to develop and mature in the industry.



Scott Lea

Scott Lea

I lived in London for 2 years working on low budget productions as an actor and producer whilst progressing as a retail store manager. I’m putting more time into my lifeguarding outside of my working hours now which is great for my fitness and it helps train my focus.I hope to move back to London one day, delving deeper into production and hopefully progressing up the ladder.




Stephen WaldronStephen Waldron

I travelled South East Asia for 4 months in 2015, then went to Australia on a working holiday VISA in where I stayed for 6 months.  I then went to New Zealand where I followed the Welsh rugby team play all 3 test matches against the All Blacks. With life experience and travelling under my belt, I am ready to begin a career in special effects in which I believe will be very rewarding and exciting.  I’ll be looking to excel in my chosen field of special effects and make a difference, through gaining connections which eventually will allow me to work on productions worldwide.