CLASS 2016 – 2017

Jaimie Warburton
I’ve been working primarily in IT Support roles since I left school but wanted to work in a more creative industry. Having spent my spare time learning about Web Development I have now been employed on an apprenticeship with ITPie doing exactly that. In future I hope build on my current knowledge to go on to specialise in web based and mobile applications.

Joshua Cozens
I’m from Cardiff. I have been employed Lubas Medical as a Marketing Assistant/Apprentice. I am going to gain experience through this apprenticeship and hopefully gain a full time job with Lubas Medical or in the creative media sector.


Samuel Levy
I finished school and considered applying for a university course but decided it wasn’t for me as the option to earn and learn seemed much more appealing. In my current position I am honing my current skills and learning new skills to help future proof myself against an ever evolving industry.


Thomas Watkins
In 2015, I have completed my HND course in Design in Digital Media and graduated in Bridgend College. Now, I have started my apprenticeship with White Hart Multimedia in Devauden. I will be working as part of their Multimedia team within fifteen months In this apprenticeship, I hope to develop new skills in multimedia and use these skills later on in the future.