CLASS 2016 – 17

ChloeChloe Mae Johnson – 18 years old

After finishing my A Levels in June, I began to look for an apprenticeship that would support my interest in creative media. I am currently employed with Amplified Business Content whilst completing Sgil Cymru’s apprenticeship programme. In the future, I am hoping to gain some insight and experience in this business.





Hannah Rachel Swain – 18 years old

I’m from South Wales and I finished my A levels in June. I have recently been employed by Golley Slater as a Media Executive Apprentice. I am hoping to gain experience through this apprenticeship and hopefully gain a full time job with them after the 15 months.




AnaAna Garzón – 27 years old

I’m from Spain and I came to Wales persuading my dream of working in Media. I’ve started the Sgil Cymru apprenticeship programme where I’m gonna work as an Events and Projects Assistant at Amplified Business Content. I hope this programme can help me to improve my skills so I can get the job that I want in the future.