CLASS 2017 – 19

Hannah Williams
I used to enjoy colour coding and helping out with any organising for extra-curricular activities. Thanks to Sgil Cymru, I am now expanding and developing these organisational skills through taking on the role of Client activation apprentice at Golley Slater. I hope to continue my adventures of colour-coding documents alongside working in a field that I love (hopefully) still with Golley Slater or a neighbouring company.

Issy Sydenham
Previously I have worked in hospitality for several years and have come to the conclusion it’s not my ‘forever career’. Now I’m starting an apprenticeship with Golley Slater through Sgil Cymru which I hope will open doors in the industry that will, most likely, be my career path. I hope to gain experience and contacts during this time and hopefully meet some great people along the way.