Al Edwards

Sgil Cymru welcomed experienced editor Al  Edwards as the second trainee to Stepping Up 2017.

Al has got over twenty years of experience as an editor. He started with, a then small independent TV company, called Boomerang before moving onto a facility house called ‘Mwnci’ in Cardiff. He stayed with them through their transitional period of re-branding as ‘Gorilla’.

Al specialises as an offline editor, which means he receives all the rushes from a programme or film and cuts them in sequential order at the Director’s request.

In the Summer of 2017, Al decided to go it alone and be freelance.

Al said:

As Technology becomes better and quicker and as budgets become slimmer it’s becoming obvious to me that there is an edge to be had by being able to multitask and being able to offer a variety of skills other than editing. Clients are now expecting a different level of editor. One, that as well as cutting a programme, that is being able to grade, online and do Special FX on various platforms and software. That is the reason that I applied for the ‘Stepping Up’ programme so I am able to better myself and re-educate through courses that will help me to upgrade my services.