Sgil Cymru commissioned our apprentices to create a visual and engaging piece expressing their impressions of what it is to be a media apprentice. They’ve all done incredibly well. Here is a collection of their work.

We hope you enjoy!

Chloe Davies – Day in the Life of an Apprentice (TikTok)

Helena Hill – 4 Departments in the Industry (TikTok)

Bethan Jenkins – A Day in the Life of an Apprentice (TikTok)

Jasper Ronconi-Woollard – CRIW Advert

David ‘Seb’ Jones – Pros and Cons

Eleri Parry – CRIW Advert

Josh Coulthard – CRIW Advert

Kaitlin Brock & Jordan Legge – Advert

Pawel Cichon – CRIW Advert

Neve Clissold – Meet our Apprentices (TikTok)

Kaitlin Brock – Instagram Stories ‘Prynhawn Prentis’

Tim Griffiths – Apprentice Life

Stephen O’Donnell’s Poem