Apprenticeship Or University? Here’s How Chloe Decided…

One of Sgil Cymru’s level 4 Advertising and Marketing apprentices tells all about her journey as an apprentice and why university wasn’t for her. Chloe Mae Johnson from Newport is currently working as an Apprentice Events and Projects Assistant with Amplified Business Content and is completing her apprenticeship through Sgil Cymru.

Prior to staring her apprenticeship Chloe hadn’t long finished her A Leåvels and wondered what the next step in her life should be. Like many young people Chloe faced making the decision between working full-time, attending university or applying for an apprenticeship.

Chloe said:

I felt frustrated and confused about the next step to take in my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do. All my friends had been accepted into University and time was rapidly running out for me. Having to choose a career path that will change your life at the age of 18 is a lot of pressure…

Through a lot of research, I stumbled upon the option of an Apprenticeship. I had never thought of looking into Apprenticeships, as I always thought only jobs like plumbing or engineering were available through an Apprenticeship scheme. How wrong was I?

Since starting her apprenticeship Chloe has been involved in 3 events, 2 award ceremonies, has flown to London for work and has been in contact with Lord Sugar’s office – and she’s only half way through!

Chloe said:

I cannot thank Sgil Cymru enough for their continuous encouragement and dedication, and to all the people that have helped and guided me through my journey so far.

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