Beginning the Script Editing Course – by Mali Tudno Jones

9.30 Monday morning Sgil Cymru’s Script Editing course begins. We’re thrown in with Anna first then Kate. We’re told about our own part in reading a script, how we can’t help but bring ourselves to the process along with everything that makes us, us…even being hungry can affect the way you read a script. Anna suggests we take an Unconscious Bias Test – all for free- here. Illuminating.

On reading the first pages from a variety of successful scripts together, questions arise:
What keeps us reading a script or watching a film or drama?
What makes us turn away from one?
How do we go from being curious about a character to caring about them?

And character is everything. It all comes back to character.

And order.

Scripts must be ruthlessly efficient – nothing can be there that isn’t doing something.