Brooklyn Bridges the Gap with ITV

At the age of 18 Brooklyn, who lives in Pontypridd, was finishing school and looking to bridge the gap from education to employment. In September 2016, she found that bridge in the form of an apprenticeship with ITV Cymru Wales.

Brooklyn had previously taken part in BBC Wales’ It’s My Shout training scheme. She found out about the apprenticeship vacancy via a Facebook ad for Sgil Cymru’s Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media.

Brooklyn said:

The It’s My Shout experience confirmed for me that working in TV industry was what I wanted to do. Being involved with stage and activities in the creative industry was always the place I felt most confident. Now I have an amazing apprenticeship with ITV and I love the job I’m doing.

Brooklyn’s parents were very supportive and saw that she was interested in the apprenticeship and says she was glad of their support. Brooklyn’s parents helped her with the application to Sgil Cymru and she attended the selection workshops with a group of young people of similar age.

Brooklyn says that apprenticeships were discussed in school but not apprenticeships that were media based.

The transition from school straight into employment she found particularly challenging but the induction from Sgil Cymru was really helpful. Brooklyn said she naturally felt nervous because she knew that this was a big opportunity and a chance to do something she could only have dreamed of. She took part in group tasks, learning about storyboards and presentation skills.

Brooklyn wasn’t sure what to expect until she started working and learning.

Brooklyn is the first in the family to go down the apprenticeship route however there was no pressure on her to go to university. Her parents are now over the moon about her employment with ITV.

Brooklyn had good grades in school but not many people were expecting her to take up an apprenticeship. She knows a few people from her school that took up an apprenticeship but as far as she knows she is the only girl from her year. Brooklyn was clear that an apprenticeship was the right route for her.

Currently doing a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media, and definitely enjoying it, Brooklyn feels the apprenticeship with ITV has given her a lot of opportunity and everyone is very supportive.

Brooklyn said:

“I have been given the chance to work, meet people and learn. The opportunities are endless. Everyone at ITV is so lovely – I felt completely welcomed by everyone and now I feel very much part of the team.”

Fiona Frances, ITV Cymru Wales said:

“At ITV Cymru Wales we are always on the look- out for new talent and we are 100% behind opportunities to earn-while-you-learn. Our apprentices have come from all walks of life giving them the chance to continue their education in a workplace environment. Our aim is to equip them with the experience and practical skills to enable them flourish in the Welsh creative industries.”

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