Creative Apprentices Kick-start Their Careers

Sgil Cymru has welcomed 20 new creative apprentices on the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media. Each apprentice will be completing their qualification through Sgil Cymru whilst working at a media company in South Wales for a year.

For the first time Bad Wolf, Boom Cymru, Cardiff TV and The Look have recruited apprentices on the scheme. In addition to new employers BBC Cymru Wales, ITV Cymru Wales and Real SFX have returned to employ further apprentices.

The apprentices this year will be working in a variety of roles across different departments in the media industry, including:

  • Costume
  • Marketing
  • Post Production
  • Production Department
  • Radio
  • Special Effects

Before starting in the workplace all apprentices attended a three-week introduction course with Sgil Cymru where they started on their diploma work.

Amy, Costume Apprentice at BBC Cymru Wales, said:

I have enjoyed getting to know the rest of the level 3 apprentices. Everyone is lovely and it’s good to have connections with people I can chat to throughout the year who are going through the same process as me!

In addition, the apprentices visited Bad Wolf Studios where they are currently filming His Dark Materials and had the opportunity to speak to some of the departments working on the series. They also visited Cardiff and Vale College’s facilities in Cardiff city centre which they will be able to utilise whilst on their apprenticeship.

Eugenia, an ITV Apprentice said:

I have enjoyed the trip to Bad Wolf Studios the most so far. The scale of the production there was so eye-opening, and the experience has inspired me to work even harder throughout my apprenticeship.

With their introduction course coming to an end the apprentices are looking forward to starting with their new employers. Whilst working as apprentices they will be thrown in at the deep end and working on programmes all over the country.

James, Special Effects Apprentice at Real SFX, said:

I am most looking forward to blowing up various parts of the UK with Real SFX.

A big warm welcome to our 20 new creative apprentices…