CRIW 2022-2023: Meet Stephen

Stephen has started on set this week! Below is an interview and video to learn more about him:

1. Where have you been placed and what are you up to?

l have been placed in the locations department of The Pact ll produced by Little Door Productions. I am currently on location in a rather grand house. My job is to come in before the Unit Call and make sure things are ready in the location so that all the other departments can arrive and immediately get to work and prepare to start shooting. l make sure the location is open and the EasyUps are up and the bins are out ready for the breakfast detritus. If the production needs things moving we get a shout on the radio. We organise parking the technical vehicles and make sure everyone has access to the location. We set up and organise the dining area for all the crew, and Marshall traffic when filming on public streets.

2. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had so far?

The biggest surprise so far is how welcoming all the crew have been. The hours are long and the weather has been testing but the fortitude and camaraderie of the crew has been wonderful.

3. Are you working with any other current or past apprentices?

l bumped into Will and Alex who work for Real SFX… They were having to manage a fire in the house and came prepared with cannisters of gas and burners. We compared Sgil Cymru notes…

4. What’s the best part of the experience so far?

Being recognised as part of the team and getting to know people. Becoming more confident because the first day is scary, you feel vulnerable and a bit lost but you find a bit of bravery and get on with it. It also helps that the people around you are supporting you all the way. Everyday you learn a little bit more.

5. What’s been the greatest challenge?

Night shoots and rain together can be draining. You need very good waterproof, warm, clothing. A big bag with clothes for every season a must. But rain and cold can be hard. But a bigger challenge is not overeating. The catering is very good, plus there are snacks and biscuits always on hand. Resisting temptation is a huge challenge.