CRIW 2022-2023: Meet Tereza

Tereza has started on set this week! Below is an interview and video to learn more about her:

1. Where have you been placed and what are you up to?

I have a work placement on a TV production called ‘Wolf’. I’ve been working as a Production Runner.

2. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had so far?

The biggest surprise is probably the amount of women working on the production and also the amount of people from outside the UK – it is nice to know that the production you’re working on is open to diversity and appreciates people from different backgrounds.

3. Are you working with any other current or past apprentices?

Yes, I’ve been working with Megan Sanders, who completed her apprenticeship last year. She was lucky enough to get on this production right after the end of her apprenticeship which makes me feel confident about finding a job once finishing this. She originally started here as a production runner and she recently got promoted to Production Secretary.

4. What’s the best part of the experience so far?

Meeting new people, learning and exploring Wales every single day. We work in a production van that travels to most of the shooting locations, so you’re not stuck in an office for the whole day and you get to see the beauty of Wales. And also food! The catering is amazing, almost feels like a food festival.

5. What’s been the greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge (so far) has been definitely changing a tyre on the company’s car that I’ve been given as a runner. Not quite my cup of tea.