Gareth’s Stepping Up Story

2019 Stepping Up recruit, Gareth Mabey, has worked as an Assistant Editor, Drama, for over six years. His goal in joining the programme was to gain hands-on experience that would enable him to take the next step in a career which he is passionate about.    

During his placement, Gareth worked on popular BBC Network drama Casualty, among other productions. 

“As an Assistant Editor on drama, day to day work varies depending on the project but will usually start early, with MXFs and sound rushes from the previous days’ shoot. I process these, labelling and organizing them as specified by the Editor, before passing them on, so they can work on them. All the previous days’ rushes will then be sent out for dailies viewings. Once the rushes have been processed I will assemble, build temp sound design, or comp in temp vfx, whatever may be required”.

Gareth has worked on a variety of BBC network shows including Sherlock, Peaky Blinders and Kiri and is currently working on Gangs of London for Sky Atlantic/HBO. Gareth’s goal in terms of Stepping Up was to gain direct more experience, so that he could progress from an Assistant Editor to an Editor role. 

“Spending hands-on time with editors on a long-running drama, has not only provided a helpful insight but has also enabled me to develop my editing skills and gain valuable feedback, all of which will be beneficial as I move forward to achieve my goal”.