Hanna Kick Starts Her Hair & Make-up Career

Hanna’s Stepping Up programme comes to a close as her successful career in Hair and Make-up kick starts.

As part of her bespoke Stepping Up programme Hanna worked on the upcoming BBC Cymru Wales and S4C Drama ‘Keeping Faith/ Un Bore Mercher’ where she worked under the BAFTA Cymru winning Claire Pritchard-Jones as a Junior Make-up Assistant.

During her placement Hanna was able to enhance on her make-up skills as well as learn new ones. Tasks carried out by Hanna on her placement included planning and prepping for shooting days, script and character breakdowns, setting wigs, filling prosthetic moulds as well as looking after main cast and supporting artists on set.

Hanna said:

I have become more confident in my role as a Junior Make-up Assistant. I was able to show this through make-up up main female cast, establishing character hair and make-ups as well as the application of a facial postiche. I have become more proficient in all admin work (continuity, breakdowns etc) and am able to get on with my role and create work for myself daily without having to ask for tasks/ ask questions.

With her time on ‘Keeping Faith/ Un Bore Mercher’ having come to an end Hanna is now ready to start her first block of filming on Doctor Who as the Hair and Make-up Trainee.

Claire said:

​​Hanna ha​d​ exceeded in her role​ as a trainee​ and I am so grateful to the Steppping Up Funding which allowed me to promote her to a junior position on ​’​Keeping Faith/​ ​Un Bore Mercher’. She has a great talent and will go far in her career. It’s also great news that Hanna will be joining my Hair and Make-up team on the next series of Doctor Who. It is invaluable for me to have continuity with crew and training, but when Hanna moves on I hope we have the opportunity of bringing on new talent.