Interview with an Apprentice – Laura Thorne

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we’ve interviewed 5 of our past apprentices who have achieved success in their careers following their apprenticeship. Our second interviewee of the series is Laura Thorne.

Name:                                     Laura Thorne
Age:                                         21
From:                                      Williamstown
Apprentice Employer:        BBC Cymru Wales
Apprentice Job Title:          Production Office Apprentice

What were you doing prior to the apprenticeship?
Before the apprenticeship I was a student at Tonyrefail Comprehensive School. I knew that university was 100% not for me and that an apprenticeship is what I really wanted to do.

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship?
There are many reasons why I wanted to do an apprenticeship. Working at the BBC was my dream and to be able to work in the media industry was all that I wanted.

Whilst I was in Sixth Form there was a lot of pressure to go to university, but I felt as though an apprenticeship would be more beneficial because it would allow me to work and learn at the same time.

Many people said it was impossible for me to work in the BBC because of where I’m from, because others never succeeded. I knew 100% it was my dream and my one goal in life that I wasn’t going to let slip away. My friends always knew how much I wanted to be in the media industry so when I finally knew I got through to interview, there was much to celebrate!

What did your apprentice job entail?
My apprentice job entailed organising before shoot prep (travel, accommodation, catering, risk assessments, schedules and scripts), arranging what to take such as camera equipment, props, batteries etc. My job also meant I was involved in post-production paperwork, using Avid and transcribing.

What programmes/projects did you work on?
I worked on the following programmes during my time as an apprentice: Bargain Hunt, X-Ray, The One Show, Young Dancer, BBC News, Children in Need, Champions League and Crime Watch Roadshow.

What happened when you completed your apprenticeship?
When I completed my apprenticeship, I was so sad to leave as I had such a nice group of friends and the experience I gained was phenomenal. However, the experience I gained made me want to further my skills and knowledge of marketing. I now work with a Welsh media company called, Object Matrix.

Have you grown as a result of the apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship did help me grow. In good situations and bad. The main developments were in my confidence, knowledge and independence. It is quite surprising how much I learnt in what seems now, such a small space of time. An apprenticeship definitely changes you for the good!

What is the next career step for you?
I’m currently working as a Sales & Marketing Assistant which means I manage and organise all marketing activity (social media, emails, campaigns, creating videos, webinars, events and travel) in addition to PR tasks. My current role has also allowed me to travel, which is not something I’ve ever done before, and this is all thanks to my apprenticeship.

I hope to continue to grow in my role at Object Matrix for as long as possible. However, in the future I also see myself starting my own consultancy business or charity organisation to help others who have found themselves in similar situations to the ones I have been in.