Jess ‘Steps up’!

Here at Sgil Cymru, we got the chance to visit one of our Stepping Up participants, Jess Fothergill. 

Jess worked as a Costume Supervisor on the CBBC programmeJamie Johnson

Jess began her costume career by completing a degree in Costume Construction. During her time at University, Jess was given the opportunity to meet people working within the industry and spent her Summer working on several productions as work experience. 

At the end of her degree, Jess was lucky enough to walk into a training position at Casualty. This is where Jess worked on and off for three-four years, before being offered a job on Jamie Johnson.

Having worked as a Costume Standby for several years, Jess felt it was time to ‘step up’. 

This is Jess’ first time working as a Costume Supervisor and thanks to Stepping Up, she has been able to take the time to shadow other Costume Supervisors to ensure she is learning the job correctly. 

On a day to day basis, it was Jess’ responsibility to ensure all costumes were prepared and out for the artists ready for the filming day ahead. Jess made sure that everyone had everything they needed until the standbys were ready to take over. Once the filming day had come to an end, Jess spent her time preparing the costumes for the following day.  

Filming for Jamie Johnson has now come to an end and Jess has already been offered – and accepted – a contract as Costume Supervisor on Casualty.

Jess has said that the whole experience of ‘stepping up’ has been overwhelming but enjoyable. 

“It’s been so fantastic. Stepping Up helps you do something completely different. It’s made the world of difference for me”