Film and TV Professionals joined us at Pinewood Studio Wales in Cardiff for two weeks of intensive training, including

  • Practical Workshops
  • Discussions with Experienced Industry Professionals
  • Simulated Production Experience

The main course tutor was Ceri Evans-Cooper, a Script Supervisor with credits including films in the HARRY POTTER franchise, Matt Damon action thriller GREEN ZONE, and INDIANA JONES & THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. See Ceri’s iMDB page here.

When was the course?
The course ran for 10 days, Monday to Friday, over 2 weeks, starting on October 31st 2016 and ending on November 11th.

Previous Attendees


Becky Crawford, Manchester

“The course exceeded my expectations, as it was 10 days long we were able to cover all aspects of the role in detail.”







Catriona Napier, Edinburgh

“The course was brilliant. I learned so much about the role of the Script Supervisor. I feel confident I could work on a set now which I definitely couldn’t before.”





Chiara Carbonara, Cardiff

“The course was what I expected and more. I was surprised by the amount and variety of practical experience we did.”





Craig Lewis, Newport

“Great structure, lots of practical, appreciated.”





Harri Jones, Pontypridd

“From taking part in the course I have learned so much about the industry as a whole, and seen the path I want to follow, and exactly how to do it.”






Jane Gruffydd, Vale of Glamorgan

“The busy/challenging set-ups were a great challenge and prepared me for demanding situations well.”





Llaima Cardenas, Cardiff

“I didn’t expect to get so much time on set – a whole week was great!”







Paul Rubery

“Being put on the spot was hard, but so valuable in my development. Thank you for having me! Enjoyed every minute!”



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This programme was supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds.