Script Supervisor Courses

Script Supervisor Courses will be running on the following dates:

  • August 7th – 10th (1030 – 1300).  Online & Free. Welsh Language.
  • October 16th – 19th (1030 – 1300). Online & Free. Bilingual.
  • November 13th – 16th (1030 – 1300). Online & Free. English Language.

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  • What’s in your kit?
  • The initial reading of a script for breakdown
  • Breaking down a script, including page and time tally and the master breakdown
  • Timing a script
  • Slating – the American System and the British System
  • Setting up for the day
  • Tramlines
  • Drawings and diagrams
  • Continuity – matched action and progressive continuity 
  • Continuity Sheets
  • Daily report sheets including the Editor’s Daily Log, WT logs and VFX logs and others
  • The basic rules of film and TV grammar
  • Matching frame sizes
  • The 180-degree Line
  • Notating Time Code
  • Continuity photos – when and where

There will be a chance for one applicant to get work experience (with pay) on a production/s for up to 10 weeks at the end of the course so don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity!