Sgil Cymru at the Cardiff Capital Region Skills Partnership Stakeholder Engagement Event

This week our Managing Director, Sue Jeffries attended the Cardiff Capital Region Skills Partnership Stakeholder Engagement Event to share Sgil Cymru’s practice and vision for our successful media apprenticeship scheme – CRIW 2022-2023.

If you’re thinking of applying for this scheme or know someone who may be interested, here’s some of what Sue shared at the event – it may help you decide.

First comes the selection process, a practical and considered approach that encourages applicants to hone their skills and one that ensures those chosen are certain to become assets within the industry in Wales.

Our apprentices have worked for a variety of companies including: BBC, Severn Screen, Netflix, HBO, Sky, Bad Wolf, Boom Cymru, Short Form, S4C, ITV Cymru Wales on productions such as, Jamie Johnson, War of the Worlds, The Trick, Dal y Mellt, Casualty, Craith/Hidden, Havoc, His Dark Materials and Doctor Who. And within these placements, our apprentices are encouraged to try out a mixture of roles in order to determine the best possible future career path.

As well as on the job placement, apprentices will attend block learning meetings either online or at the Sgil Cymru training centre – this gives Sgil Cymru and an industry assessor the opportunity to reconnect with the apprentice as well as offer support and guidance should they need it. At every step of the process, there is encouragement and open discussion in order to capitalise on the individual’s potential.

The CRIW scheme is undoubtedly a brilliant and sure-fire way to enter the industry. In February this year, 9 apprentices completed their journey with us and are now working full time in their chosen sectors. We currently have 6 apprentices training in north Wales and are soon to recruit 6 more – so keep a look out. In April we took on 5 new apprentices and this week, we’ve begun our recruitment process once more with 14 spaces up for grabs.

If you or someone close to you is itching to work in the creative industries, the CRIW scheme is without a doubt one of the best ways to kick start that journey.  Find out more here.