Stepping Up’s Final Trainee

Sgil Cymru recruits Ben Davenport as its final trainee on Stepping Up 2017.

Sgil Cymru’s Stepping Up programme is a rare opportunity for professionals already working in the industry to advance in their career, and also for those highly trained qualified specialists who want to move across to TV. The programme is tailored to the individual according to their needs, and each participant will undertake a course or placement lasting up to 10 weeks, receiving a training allowance for the entire period.

Ben completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media with Sgil Cymru a couple of years ago. Whilst completing his apprenticeship Ben worked for BBC Cymru Wales as a Production Office Apprentice at Roath Lock Studios. This gave Ben many great opportunities to work on different projects which helped prepare him for life after his apprenticeship.

Since completing his apprenticeship Ben has gone on to work in the production department on a number of programmes including ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Casualty’ and ‘Pobol y Cwm’. Recently Ben worked as a Location Assistant on the feature film, ‘The Dark Outside’.

Following the end of the shoot on the feature film, Ben was looking for his next challenge and decided to apply for the Stepping Up programme.

As part of his programme, Ben will be stepping up to work in the production department on ‘Pobol y Cwm’.

Ben said:

The Stepping Up programme will give me the opportunity to move forward in my career by allowing me the chance to be in a higher role where I can learn new skills and gain experience organically from doing the job in a professional capacity.

Llyr Morus, Pobol y Cwm Producer, said:

Ben came to us as an Apprentice in the production department a couple of years ago. It was clear that he was eager to learn and grow professionally whilst making the most of his time here at Roath Lock. We now welcome him back after he has proven his capabilities in a variety of jobs within the production department with indie companies as well as the BBC. Being able to help promising young people like Ben is a privilege, and being able to work with Sgil Cymru is a pleasure. Hopefully, we can build on this experience to help more young people move on in their career.

Sue Jeffries, Sgil Cymru Managing Director, said:

It’s a pleasure and a privilege for Sgil Cymru to help a young person like Ben with his career. Ever since Ben completed his apprenticeship he has grown professionally and we’ve been able to bring him back to Cardiff to climb the ladder in the production department at Roath Lock. We wish Ben all the best with his career, we’re certain it will be a long and prosperous one. Once again Stepping Up proves that Sgil Cymru’s support doesn’t end with your first course.

Stepping Up 2017 has now come to a close. If you would like to be a part of future Stepping Up programmes please register your interest by emailing whilst remembering to mention the job you wish to step up to.

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