Want to Employ an Apprentice?

Sgil Cymru is looking for apprentice employers for their level 3 and level 4 apprenticeships. The level 3 apprenticeship lasts for 12 months and will start in September 2018. The two level 4 programmes last 15 months and the start date depends on the employer’s needs.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media: This apprenticeship is suitable for companies looking to recruit for a variety of roles including camera work, costume, social media, production and editing for sound and video.

Higher Apprenticeship (level 4) in Advertising and Marketing Communications: If your company is involved in any aspect of marketing advertising or PR then this apprenticeship could be an ideal way for you to recruit someone in roles including creating online content, advertising, marketing or social media.

Higher Apprenticeship (level 4) in Creative and Digital Media (Interactive Media Pathway): If you work online and create interactive content then this apprenticeship could be a great way to employ apprentices in roles that involve website building and management, creative digital design and app development.

Interested in finding out more about how to recruit an apprentice through Sgil Cymru? Contact the team on help@sgilcymru.com or 07843 779 870.