Week 3 Script Editing Course – by Mali Tudno Jones

As a script editor you can make magic happen. Even if you dislike a script – there is a way through.

First step – create a document…a document that’s just for you.

A breakdown of the script.


The process is mechanical…deliberately so. It forces the script editor to be doing, instead of just thinking and it’s the best tool to unpick what’s going on and reveal the inner engineering of the story.

Specifics will be revealed:  Whose story is it? Is the pace lacking? Too many characters? Too few? What works… What doesn’t.

Script editing is all about the groundwork and it starts with the breakdown document.


It’s no good telling a writer that a section is too slow or too vague; you need to give them tangible reasons why.

You need to offer clarity.


And if you’ve done your work – you can do that. With confidence.