WHERE ARE THEY NOW? – Gwenno Ellis Owen

A look back at our past apprentices and a chance to see what they are up to now!

Gwenno is a Production Coordinator for Boom Cymru.


A day in the life of Gwenno Ellis Owen

I’m a Production Coordinator for Boom Cymru, and at the moment I’m working on the new drama ‘Y Goleudy’ (‘The Lighthouse’)!

I reach the office every morning at 9am and the first thing that I do is check my emails to see if anyone has sent an email. I then like to write a ‘to-do’ list for the day – there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking these off!

At the moment I’m working on a drama, so a lot of my work includes preparing for the next shoot day. So every day I will have to get the sides together, print them for the cast and prepare an email including a call sheet, script sides and instructions to set.

Mae responsibilities also include sorting any expenses from the cast and crew. I also have to clear any copyright on any content that is seen on screen including music. I am also working towards our Albert certificate – a certificate that shows that we are making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint during production. If there are any young actors on set, I license them with the council. I also book hotels for cast and crew if we are shooting outside of Cardiff.

We are coming towards the end of our shooting period now so my main responsibility at the moment is to sort out the WRAP party!

We follow a tight schedule, so problems can arise at any moment! Recently, for example, a camera van had a flat tyre, so this had to be sorted as soon as possible. Another small problem which always crops up is that the printer stops working! I need to print about 20 copies of the sides each day so that can be a nuisance!

We have lunch at about 1pm every day and we have a catering company on set to feed the cast and crew. As I am located in the office, one of us has to go to collect the food, or a runner will bring our meals over for us.

I will be there working all afternoon until WRAP – the WRAP time changes each day depending on the schedule. Then, after we WRAP, I get to click ‘send’ on the email to the cast and crew with the details for the following day!