WHERE ARE THEY NOW? – Zahra Errami

A look back at our past apprentices and a chance to see what they are up to now!

Zahra is currently a Digital Video Producer & Presenter at ITV News based at ITN in London.


Where was your first placement with Sgil Cymru?  


My first placement was with ITV Cymru in Cardiff Bay. 


When was the moment that things began to fall into place? That you knew you were in the right place? 


I felt immediately welcome at ITV Cymru, and I think I’d anticipated that everyone was far too busy and important to give the apprentice the time of day – that was never the case, everyone was super excited to have us and more than willing to listen to fresh perspective and ideas. 

I got to spend time on the digital desk, and I felt my ideas were valued and I was given a lot of responsibility early on – that’s when I felt I’d found my forte. 


What’s the biggest obstacle you think you’ve overcome either during or following on from your apprenticeship?


My biggest obstacle was definitely something I’d realised after the apprenticeship, that the industry can be quite competitive – to one opportunity there will be 20 other people who also want the same one. But I think if you stay authentic, have good ideas and work ethic – competition isn’t a problem!


What’s the best piece of advice you were given as an apprentice? 


Sue Jeffries once told me to ‘not get comfortable’ where you are, and as soon as you feel you’re not progressing or not learning – it’s time to move on. I’ve stuck by that, and progression is something I’ve achieved year on year since hearing that. It’s easy to get stuck in one place and thankful for the opportunity, but in an industry where things change and develop all the time, you must do the same. 


What advice would you give to someone starting out as an apprentice?


The more skills the better! Take in everything you learn both at Sgil Cymru and on placement, try your hand at everything you can do, in the long run being a jack of all trades really pays off. Also, stay true to yourself, what makes you different to other candidates and applicants in future jobs is your authenticity and your values – so don’t fall victim to the glitz and the glamour of the industry!