Apprentice Online Assistant – The Look

The closing date for this job has now passed. 

Company:                               The Look
Apprenticeship Role:          Apprentice Online Assistant
Location:                                Cardiff Bay Business Centre

About the Organisation

The Look is recognised as one of the leading picture post-production companies in the UK. Our aim is to always deliver the best possible experience for our clients and also help entertain the millions of people who watch and enjoy our work.

We have the most advanced 4K SDR & HDR workflow available, in a friendly and luxurious environment, offering our clients a bespoke service from a highly talented team that cares greatly about what we do.

When you need the best post-production service and creativity, you come to The Look.

Job Description

The Basics

  • Hours: 0930 – 1830, Monday to Friday
  • Holidays: all bank holidays and 20 working days per year

Your Role


  • Windows and Mac OS
  • Google Tools
  • Quantel Rio
  • Colorfront Transkoder

A passion for film-making and good social skills is a must for this position. You will have a good aptitude for problem-solving with the capacity to think on your feet in a fast-paced environment. You will be part of a small team, so the ability to take ownership of a task is essential.

  • Patience and attention to detail.
  • Familiarity with different digital file types.
  • Aptitude for organisation and management of asset libraries.
  • Good grasp of technical specifications for delivery.
  • Understanding storage and confidence deleting unwanted versions.
  • Understanding of versioning.
  • Attending and contributing to regular workflow briefings.
  • Confidence to ask questions where necessary.

In Detail

Managing Communication between sites

As a growing facility in a fast-paced environment with constantly changing technical and creative demands, you are expected to understand what we do from the moment the initial client enquiry arrives to the delivery of the final asset.

As well as marketing, our reputation and future work is derived from client experience and word of mouth. To demonstrate that you understand this and to ensure that your innate skills are identified and honed, you will be responsible for the formal communication between our two facilities.

This will be achieved in two ways. Firstly, you will be expected to prepare and deliver a weekly facility update email. Secondly, you will be expected to prepare and deliver a monthly “State of the Nation” presentation to our London office.

In preparing the weekly email you will work with the bookings team in London and the operators in Cardiff to ensure you are fully briefed on the upcoming work and the resources available to your team. This information is then compiled into a simple update at the end of the week.

The monthly presentation, delivered in person or via electronic platform such as Skype or FaceTime, will require you to demonstrate that you understand and can communicate relevant information to the London team. It is also your opportunity to present ideas and concepts you have identified that may improve systems and processes.

Shadowing and Assisting

As part of a small team, you will be expected to spend a minimum of two hours per day, where possible, shadowing and later assisting the operators.

Whilst shadowing the operator you will need to ask relevant questions so that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the process you are observing and the rationale behind it. This should enable you to modify the process as necessary when you encounter a similar task that may not have yet been demonstrated to you.

As we are a small team there is scope for you to gain hands-on experience in assisting and performing your own work from an early stage. You will be expected to apply the knowledge you have gained from shadowing and also using the resources available to you (team members and online support articles) to be able to complete the task.


  • To quickly advance your career
  • Deliver some of the best drama and features in the UK within your first year
  • Work with some of the best creatives in the UK Post Production industry


Whilst working for The Look you will be completing a 12-month Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media through Cardiff-based training provider, Sgil Cymru.


Salary TBC – dependant on experience.

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How to Apply

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If you have questions about the apprenticeship program, please read the FAQs.

Closing Date

14.00 on the 23rd July, 2019