An investment in a creative and digital media apprentice is an investment in the future of your business, which brings talent, techniques and technologies to the company, providing a route of entry for under-represented groups, and equipping new talent with transferable soft and technical skills suited to converging job roles.


An apprentice is an employee of your business with a contract and job description. The role of an apprentice in creative and digital media in Wales will vary depending on your particular business. It is important to discuss with your provider to develop job training that ensures that you get the best person for your business needs.

Examples of job roles that are suitable for a Creative and Digital Media apprentice at level 3 :

Production, interactive media, interactive multimedia, camera work, photography, costume, special effects, editing for audio and video.

Examples of job roles that are suitable for Creative and Digital Media apprentice at level 4 (Interactive Media):

Online content manager, user experience coordinator, junior interactive product designer, junior interactive product developer, junior social media manager.

Examples of job roles that are suitable for Advertising and Marketing Communications apprentice at level 4:

Marketing assistant, junior social media manager, communications assistant, junior account executive, copywriter, junior media buyer, web designer.


The training provider will support you fully at the start of your apprenticeship to identify training needs, develop job roles and to ensure that the apprentice is learning the skills your company needs. You can also up-skill staff through the scheme.


Apprentices are employees and must, therefore, receive a salary for their period of the apprenticeship – including the time they spend in training.

The minimum that apprentices will receive is the National Minimum Apprentice Allowance from the company they will be working for. The current rate is £3.70* per hour (please note that this is under the annual total taxable rate of income).

For further information on the minimum wage go to – www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates

* Those aged 19 years or over will be eligible to at least the National Minimum Wage for their age group once their first 12 months as an Apprentice has been completed.

Many companies choose to pay their apprentices at a higher rate. You may want to consider paying at least the living wage to apprentices, or a salary suited with the job they do (given that your apprentice is also undertaking training).


The apprenticeship training is being funded by the Welsh Government through learning agreements by working and training providers. There are no training costs passed on to the employer as part of these plans.

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