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Real SFX
Carmela Carrubba

"Recruiting apprentices has become an integral part of Real SFX’s growth in recent years and we’ve been working with the Sgil Cymru team since 2011. With the bespoke apprenticeship scheme that Sgil Cymru offers, our apprentices gain a Diploma qualification as well as a 12-months on-the-job practical experience at our workshop.

Sgil Cymru is Wales’ lead media training provider and their knowledge and expertise won’t be matched anywhere else. I highly encourage anyone wanting to expand their workforce to employ a creative media apprentice through Sgil Cymru."

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Elin Glyn Jones
Criw north wales 2021-2022

"The apprenticeship has been a golden experience"

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BBC Cymru Wales
Tom Morrey

"As an employer, when taking on apprentices it is vital that you have complete confidence in your training provider to support the apprentices and provide learning that matches the ever-changing requirements of the industry.

Sgil Cymru’s vast experience of providing industry training and delivering it via industry professionals can give prospective employers the reassurance that they may seek when taking on apprentices for the first time. While their record of apprentices attaining their qualifications and going on to forge successful careers in the sector is second to none.

Sgil Cymru work in partnership with you right from the beginning –ensuring that the right individuals are matched to the correct jobs and the classroom training received enhances the apprentices’ workplace learning.

I can say without hesitation, that BBC Cymru Wales success employing and retaining apprentices is only possible because of the comprehensive knowledge, support and delivery that Sgil Cymru offers."

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Careers Wales
Adrian Cole

"The staff at Sgil Cymru have been extremely supportive to our school engagement work over a number of years. They are always keen to engage with young people of all ages in schools in South Wales; helping pupils and teachers to gain valuable knowledge of Apprenticeships and the Creative sector in general. Sgil Cymru works closely with us to ensure their apprenticeship opportunities are advertised on the Apprentice Matching Service on careerswales.com and ensure opportunities are promoted to a wide range of people. Sgil Cymru is always keen to engage with young people through digital and social media channels and have been involved with organising Apprenticeship panel discussions at events."

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Cardiff and Vale College
Andrew Whitcombe

"I have worked with most of the Sgil Cymru team for the past 4 years in my capacity as Dean of Work Based Learning at Cardiff & Vale College and in my role as the Head of the QSA our Work Based Learning division.

What can I say about Sgil Cymru? They are really fantastic to work with. More importantly they deliver excellence, in terms of teaching and learning, to the Apprentices they recruit on behalf of media organisations in Wales.They put the learner first and then coach that young person towards succeeding in their apprenticeship pathway and then steering them to sustained employment. I’ve enjoyed working with this great team and would recommend them to any employer or learner."

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Creative Risk Solutions
Jan Wilkins

"Working in Partnership with Sgil Cymru is a delight. The enthusiasm of the team is infectious, their commitment to the development of skill sets in the TV/Film sector is second to none, and the personal care they give to each student is admirable. All courses are of a high technical level with the focus on preparing the candidates for careers in the industry. The success levels in work placement is a testament to the quality of the training available. Sgil Cymru is committed to developing skilled professionals to meet the demand of the growing TV/Film industry in Wales."

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Eleri Parry
Criw north wales 2021-2022

"This was the perfect opportunity to further learn and work on something I’m passionate about...I had so much fun...and was elated when I saw my first tv credit – it never gets old."

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Lubas Medical
Chris Lubas

"We utilised the Sgil Cymru apprenticeship scheme to bring our online marketer up to the level required to manage our social and online content. Since he began working with the team at Sgil Cymru he has gone from strength to strength in his role. Both he and us found the staff at Sgil Cymru to be very approachable, supportive and understanding. He now works full time for us and is excelling in his role. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship scheme and fully endorse the support and guidance it provides to untapped Welsh talent."

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