Connie Matthews

Connie Matthews, 18 from Monmouthshire completed a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Marketing and Advertising through Sgil Cymru. She worked as an Advertising and Social Media Apprentice with Buzz Magazine in Cardiff.


Before the apprenticeship Connie, like many other young people, wasn’t keen on attending university but didn’t see any other option. Having previously struggled with the traditional ways of learning at school, Connie consciously chose a practical degree pathway to follow at University.


Connie said:

“Throughout sixth form, I aimed to get the grades to get into university. Despite not being overly keen on the idea of living away and going to university, I didn’t know what other options I had at that point.”


Connie moved away and attended university but soon realised that the pathway she had chosen wasn’t suited to her. After realising this, Connie made the move back home and started searching for a full-time job.


Through her Mother, Connie found out about the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Advertising and Marketing.


Connie said:

“It seemed too good to be true at first; I didn’t realise there were apprenticeships for things in the Creative Sector, I thought they were all to do with plumbing or electrical things.”


There are often many presumptions made about apprenticeships, some of which Connie has highlighted in her blog post. Sgil Cymru’s apprenticeships offer a full-time, paid position within an established company based in South Wales, whilst you complete a recognised Diploma qualification. The job roles, that come under Sgil Cymru’s three different apprenticeship pathways, vary from web development to advertisement, costume to camera and everything in between.


Connie said:

“Within a week of being at the magazine, my confidence was increasing rapidly. I have been there for almost 5 months now and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”


Are you torn between going to university or doing an apprenticeship? Read Connie’s blog to hear about her journey and why an apprenticeship suited her better than university.

Chloe Johnson

One of Sgil Cymru’s former level 4 Advertising and Marketing apprentices tells all about her journey as an apprentice and why university wasn’t for her. Chloe Mae Johnson, from Newport, worked as an Apprentice Events and Projects Assistant with Amplified Business Content and completed her apprenticeship through Sgil Cymru.


Prior to staring her apprenticeship Chloe hadn’t long finished her A Levels and wondered what the next step in her life should be. Like many young people Chloe faced making the decision between working full-time, attending university or applying for an apprenticeship.


Chloe said:

I felt frustrated and confused about the next step to take in my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do. All my friends had been accepted into University and time was rapidly running out for me. Having to choose a career path that will change your life at the age of 18 is a lot of pressure…

Through a lot of research, I stumbled upon the option of an Apprenticeship. I had never thought of looking into Apprenticeships, as I always thought only jobs like plumbing or engineering were available through an Apprenticeship scheme. How wrong was I?


Throughout her apprenticeship Chloe has been involved in 3 events, 2 award ceremonies, has flown to London for work and has been in contact with Lord Sugar’s office.


Chloe said:

I cannot thank Sgil Cymru enough for their continuous encouragement and dedication, and to all the people that have helped and guided me through my journey so far.