From Factual to Film for Ffion

Ffion Taylor started her apprenticeship in 2014 on a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media. Ffion, 23 from Aberystwyth, worked as an Apprentice Runner for Green Bay Media in Cardiff.

Prior to the apprenticeship, Ffion was working as a waitress in a restaurant in Aberystwyth having recently finished studying Creative Media Production and Photography at College. Ffion always knew she wanted to work in the creative industries, but she didn’t know how to get her foot in the door. With a lot of research, Ffion came across the apprenticeship opportunities and decided to apply.

Ffion said:

I wanted the apprenticeship because I knew it would provide me with a strong foundation for a career in the TV and Film industry.

Whilst completing her apprenticeship Ffion worked as an Apprentice Runner on a number of productions including Llond Ceg, DNA Cymru and Sian Lloyds Work-Life Balance. Ffion’s day-to-day job included finding/auditioning potential contributors for documentaries and children’s programmes, obtaining paperwork for children’s performance licenses, finding locations and obtaining permission to film, amongst other administrative tasks. She also worked on set and location as a chaperone.

Ffion said:

During my apprenticeship, I faced many challenges. As I’d never worked in TV before, it was a huge learning curve. Trying to find contributors for programmes without knowing where to look was tough! But with time and practice, I became more organised and confident. If you asked me to find a contributor for a Teen Series now I’d be able to find you one – no problem!

Following her year-long apprenticeship, Ffion continued to work for Green Bay Media as a Researcher for 10 months. Since then Ffion has worked in online and corporate production, media training, and most recently, animation as a Junior Production Manager for Cloth Cat Animation on a series for Channel 5.

Ffion has chosen to broaden her horizons yet again by taking a job in the production office on a feature film called Judy. The film is being shot in Pinewood Studios and sees Renée Zellweger star as the lead.

Ffion said:

Without the Apprenticeship, I wouldn’t have any of the skills that have helped me in my career so far. I made a conscious decision not to go to University, so the apprenticeship was a great opportunity for me to learn on the job. Having this hands-on experience has set me apart from other candidates when applying for work – I honestly think I would’ve found it much harder to get work within the TV industry without this.

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