‘Dal y Mellt’ on Netflix!

(Image taken from ‘Dal y Mellt’ on S4C – not the property of Sgil Cymru)


Last week, Netflix announced that the Welsh television drama ‘Dal y Mellt’, produced by S4C/VOX Pictures, will be available on the worldwide streaming service in the spring. This is very exciting news as it’s the first solely Welsh language drama (with English subtitles) to be picked up by Netflix.

One of our previous apprentices, Arwen Teagle, worked on the show while training with Sgil Cymru. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“I worked on ‘Dal y Mellt’ as a camera trainee. The job and crew were lovely and I had a brilliant experience of working on a Welsh programme.”

Huge congratulations to Arwen and to everyone involved in the production!

We look forward to seeing it on Netflix!