Interview with an Apprentice – Dominic Farquhar

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we’ve interviewed 5 of our past apprentices who have achieved success in their careers following their apprenticeship. Our third interviewee of the series is Dominic Farquhar.

Name:                                     Dominic Farquhar
Age:                                         20
From:                                      Llantwit Fadre
Apprentice Employer:        BBC Cymru Wales
Apprentice Job Title:          Grip Apprentice

What were you doing prior to the apprenticeship?
I was studying Media Production at Coleg y Cymoedd.

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship?
I had always known that university wasn’t for me. I wanted to gain hands-on experience, and this apprenticeship offered me the chance to do just that.

The apprenticeship was a gateway to the career that I’d always wanted.

What did your apprentice job entail?
My job as a Grip Apprentice meant that I shadowed and helped the Grips on Doctor Who and Casualty. This gave me the chance to learn the ropes and understand how the job is done.

What programmes/projects did you work on?
Whilst working as a Grip Apprentice I worked on Doctor Who and Casualty, both in the studio and out on location.

What happened when you completed your apprenticeship?
Having worked at BBC Cymru Wales for a year I had made a wealth of industry contacts. When I was coming to the end of my apprentice contract I was able to reach out to these contacts and start looking for work. The nature of the industry is freelance work, so I went straight into working as a Freelance Grip Assistant. I’ve worked on multiple jobs since finishing, including Netflix’s Sex Education, The Downtown Abbey Movie and the odd dailies on Maleficent and Star Wars. I am about to start working on War of the Worlds.

Have you grown as a result of the apprenticeship?
I have grown up as a result of the apprenticeship. My attitude has changed and I’m now more determined to succeed than ever.

What is the next career step for you?
My next step is to gain further knowledge and take every opportunity that arises. My eventual goal is to become a Key Grip.